Be bold. Be brave.

Starbucks in hand, lulu lemon uniform and sunny disposition, my oldest Emma was Basic. Or so her high school told her.

Younger sister Josie was Extra. In fashion and in force, you knew when she was in a room. Josie leaned into the Extra definition lest she be defined by the Whale emoji tweet- ceremoniously sent by a bully to the high school on her 16th birthday.

Me, I was a Brown Noser. It’s in the yearbook, voted by senior class. Oh, and they made a club about me. “I hate it” Club brought to you by the freshman girls volleyball team to call out my absence from their tribe as I pursued, and succeeded, in cross county.

Later in life, the definitions and put-downs take on subtler notes but are none the less are hard to swallow. In our 50’s we finally say “Enough”.  It is clarifying and illuminating. How do we help those we care for get there faster and without so much of the self-doubt we endured?

You can’t outrun or over-achieve other’s opinions of you. What matters is your opinion of you.

What matters is empathy for others whose paths are unknown to us. Self-love and selflessness. Acceptance and grace in equal measure.

This Bolder Braver Life is for my girls. And every young professional and mid-life warrior who still catch a glance of that little boy or girl when they look in the mirror. 

Be bold. Be brave. Be uniquely you.

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