Ten Cool Nuggets from CMO Summit

The Increasing Need for CMO to Know Technology is Non-negotiable. Agency Model is Broken.  Big Consulting Companies are Playing a Bigger Role.  A New Model Needs to Emerge. Data is Becoming Commoditized.  Creativity is What is in Short Supply. You Can't Buy Yourself Into Great Marketing Anymore. It is the Golden Age of Marketing. Ability to … Continue reading Ten Cool Nuggets from CMO Summit

A New Marketing Playbook

The Embers are Being Stoked. Restaurant industry conferences over the last year have exploded with service provider panels selling apps, loyalty, and other marketing technology solutions. The iconic Chris Sullivan, founder of Outback Steakhouse, made an impassioned plea to marketers to adopt a new way of marketing to guests leveraging technology. He asked MEG Spring 2014 … Continue reading A New Marketing Playbook

Ten Truths of Data-Driven Marketing

Data is just a proxy for guest behavior. So "data" doesn't drive your marketing, your guest does. Data-driven Marketing is a strategy not a program. Enterprise data strategy is a must. Data is not math- it is imperfect and directional. Data is like a box of chocolates.  Data-informed Marketing accounts for both the data (Science) and … Continue reading Ten Truths of Data-Driven Marketing