Midlife, a cruel and beautiful mile marker, uncovered my big truth. The path to love and true happiness is not through achievement but through the deep connection of helping others. A focus on achieving success and the busy-ness of business left me depleted and dissatisfied. “Do more, get more, be more” led to feeling less.

This recognition rattled around after a few shallow work disappointments but didn’t grab my attention until faced with my oldest daughter’s cancer diagnosis at 19. It came quick and she passed through it gracefully with courage.  Watch her story.

It is at this place that I find myself in my personal journey for truth. My purpose is to inspire exponential growth in brands and people.   While I may not always get it right, I will try my best to reflect and grow so that together we can be “better than yesterday”.

Will you join me on this journey? Currently I am working at Forrester as an Executive Partner advising C-level executives and their teams on marketing, customer experience and leadership topics. I am also working to complete accreditation as an Executive Coach.

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Ten Truths of Data-Driven Marketing

Data is just a proxy for guest behavior. So “data” doesn’t drive your marketing, your guest does. Data-driven Marketing is a strategy not a program. Enterprise data strategy is a must. Data is not math- it is imperfect and directional. Data is like a box of chocolates.  Data-informed Marketing accounts for both the data (Science) and … Continue reading Ten Truths of Data-Driven Marketing

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