We live in the era of the consumer. And healthcare, as an industry, is behind. Yet, as Jen Sanning of Forrester Research said: “Your customers don’t distinguish between industry lines.” The expectations of a rich consumer experience are the same for healthcare as they are for Netflix and Uber. Think about that. And take one look at Walmart. The company is jumping all over the opportunity to enhance the consumer experience in healthcare. How will you compete? Look at every aspect of your consumer experience and figure out how to make it more convenient and frictionless. If you need a strong business case, Forrester has data to illustrate that revenue growth, employee satisfaction, CEO ratings, and the ability to charge a premium price all increase when you adopt a “customer-obsessed” mindset.

Jen Sanning, keynote speaker at Manova Summit 2020 as reported by Sara Payne, Inprela.