about truthe

Midlife, a cruel and beautiful mile marker, uncovered my big truth. The path to love and true happiness is not through achievement but through deep connection and helping others. A focus on achieving success and the busy-ness of business left me depleted and dissatisfied. “Do more, get more, be more” led to feeling less.

This recognition rattled around after a few shallow work disappointments but didn’t grab my attention until faced with my oldest daughter’s cancer diagnosis at 19. It came quick and she passed through it gracefully with courage. Watch her story.

As she shared more and more of herself on her blog as part of her healing process, it inspired me and countless others. Simultaneously my youngest daughter, attacked head on issues of bullying and body shaming. My daughter’s courage to live their lives fully – and get their thinking patterns healthy- at a young age inspired me at mid-life to do so too.

As we shared our stories, others joined and a powerful community of flawed beautiful people each seeking their truth and supporting others journey emerged.

I hope you will join us and share your story.